Happy first day of fall.
heart - chorongi, v60.

Saying goodbye to summer with one last affogato.
Heart roasters - stereo blend affogato.

Ristretto Roasters at school house electric.
Ristretto roasters - Burundi kalico murago, v60

Trying to get a good steam shot.
Dillanos - Aricha kebele, v60. Thanks to thefoodiephotographer for the sample.

At Feast PDX enjoying some Stumptown single origin cold brew with stumptown coffee+milk as creamer. In other words I’m having coffee with my coffee.

Coffeewithkevin, now with photos from the iphone6.
Kuma - Nombre de dios, v60

J. Crew summerweight, fall plaid. Perfect for these portland days.
Kuma - nombre de dios, v60

Relaxing with some crayons and the blue bottle coloring book.
heart - la serrania, v60

First rainy fall morning in PDX.
Kuma-Nombre de dios, v60

Portland coffee.
heart - la serrania, kalita wave.

It’s Wednesday. Hang in there.
Kuma - Nombre de dios, kalita wave.

Cup of heart - la serrania (v60) before I start my to do’s for the afternoon.

Slightly hazy portland morning.
Kuma - Nombre de dios, v60

Found some more of these cheap mini pitchers. Perfect carafe for coffee.
Kuma - nombre de dios, v60.

Larry the barista sampled this mornings cup.
Kuma - nombre de dios. Kalita wave