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Ristretto on Couch. First time trying a steampunk.
Ristretto - Burundi.steampunk.

Great weather today in portland. Back at courier coffee.
Courier coffee - Kenya, gold plate filter pourover.

Perfect afternoon combo.
Courier espresso and cookie.

Simple Weekend breakfast.
Heart - la palmera, kalita wave

The town will be filled with even more coffee this weekend for Coffeefest.
Heart - la palmera, v60.

One of those mornings when I need a little more coffee to get through the week.
Heart - la palmera, Kalita wave.

New coffee from heart.
Heart - Colombia La Palmera, v60

Now it feels like fall after watching the great pumpkin.
Heart - la serrania, v60

Finished up my recent bag of kuma - kamwangi. (V60)

Rain starts today. Too bad it isn’t raining coffee.
Kuma - kumawangi, v60

Finishing up some work and enjoying a great cup of decaf.
Heart - la serrania, v60

Other side of my new Stumptown mug.
Kuma - kamwangi, v60.

Found this cheery card from my wife. It’s grey in PDX, waking up to some football.
Kuma - kamwangi, v60

Third shop of the day. Albina Press.
Stumptown - hairbender.